We are  the frontrunner in providing world-class personal concierge services in Nigeria. We help you perform tasks and know...the things that you can actually delegate. This leaves you with precious time to do the things that only you can do!  

Errands And Tasks

So... you have errands you need to run but you have to be at work, a wedding, or just want to take things easy. Even Superman can not be in two places at once! Delegate your errands and tasks to us. We can help you monitor the plumber while you are at work or assist with the interior decorator while you at the PTA meeting. We are here for you.

Travel With Minors And The Elderly

We know minors can travel unaccompanied internationally and locally. However, this is not always satisfactory. What about elderly parents? Sometimes you just want "someone" to go with them. Try our "Accompanied" Services today!

Business Meetings Setup 

Do you need business meetings setup in Nigeria, but you don't know where to begin? We can help you setup your meetings and provide you with a chauffeur driven car to get you to them on time!

Assistance At The Airport

Are you coming into Nigeria and have no one to help you at the airport? Our Protocol Services are just what you need! Those airport luggage queues are not to be trifled with! We will have you and your luggage whisked away from the airport chaos in no time! 

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