To show that the act of service is the greatest form of leadership.

To put the freedom and flexibility back into your life by deliberately delivering outstanding concierge services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Congeniality, Transparency, Accountability and Dependability

No task is too ordinary or too extraordinary. We do mundane, we do fun and we do complicated. As long as it is ethical and legal, we are here to serve you!


We are passionate about service!

"Frontida"  -  The Greek word for "care"! We are the frontrunner in providing world-class personal concierge services in Nigeria. We no longer live in a world where concierge services cater only to the rich and famous! Life is hectic and full of never-ending demands, hence the need for your very own personal assistant! Whether you need to run an errand, organize accompanied travel, or to set up business meetings, our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements and designed to provide you with customized service. At Frontida, we are delighted to support and enhance your lifestyle. We understand that time is your most valuable resource, so we work hard to free up more time for you. Our staff are trained to take care of your day-to-day errands. You don't have to worry about tasks that you can delegate - Just focus on the things only you can do then "Frontida" the rest.

We Care So We Serve!


Our fabulous clients are:

  • Nigerians in diaspora that need errands run or task performed in Nigeria
  • Expatriates and Nigerians who are thinking about settling down in Nigeria
  • Ambitious aspirational Nigerians with very busy schedules who need to delegate errands/tasks to someone trustworthy
  • Corporate organisation looking at investing in Nigerian and
  • YOU!! Yes YOU!! Everyone needs and deserves a little help and we are here to do just that!